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Registration Process

  • Registration begins each year around January 15th for the following  School Year. 

  • Forms and fees are due by the first Friday in February in order to be considered in our initial round of placements.

  • Families may submit applications at any point in the year to enroll,  if space is available,  or to join our waiting list. 

  • Remember if we receive your application and space is available your registration fee is non- refundable.

  • We require all children to be in compliance with the North Carolina Immunization schedule.

       2024-2025 Monthly Tuition Schedule


                          MWF              TTH                  M-F


Infants           $400.00        $340.00              $610.00

Toddlers        $400.00        $340.00              $600.00

Two’s              $400.00        $340.00              $590.00

Three’s           $400.00        $340.00              $580.00

Pre-K (M-F)     n/a                 n/a                     $490.00


There is a $550.00 limit per family for registration fees

Registration for our 2024-2025 is below however, please email before applying to inquire about available spots.


If you are ready to proceed with joining the waiting list (you have had communication with the Director) use the link below to fill out the registration form and pay the fee associated with your choice. 

Click Here


 - Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss this process - 

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